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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sample Abstract for Industry Oriented Mini Project JNTU ECE 3-2

This is a sample abstract for Industry Oriented Mini Project (Esp for ECE 3-2, JNTU)

Click below links to view sample abstracts
  1. Abstract of Combinatorial Digital Circuit Logic Determining Device
  2. Single Door Visitor Counter
  3. Water Level Controller with Error Indicator
  4. Shadow Counter

If you are looking for an already prepared project, view/download the following mini projects:
  1. Combinatorial Digital Circuit Logic Determining Device
  2. Automatic Water Level Controller With Error Indicator Alarm
  3. Visitor Counter based Power Saving System
  4. Tongue motion controlled wheel chair 
  6. Ringing Phone Light Flasher Mini Project Free Download
  7. Voice activated switch Mini Project Free Download
  8. There are many more projects which can be provided upon request.
Most of the projects listed here are done by me and some other friends. You can get them with complete explanation , document, circuit and an impressive presentation(PPT). If you want to get any of these projects or any other project ideas to be done, you can contact me. I can also help you implement any new project ideas of your interest.

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