Friday, March 4, 2011

Microsoft Macro Assembler (Masm) x86 with Enhanced Features

In my earlier posts i have posted MASM software as it is from Microsoft without any significant changes. But, people are finding it a bit difficult to use. So I have made a suit for the original MASM software to make it easy to install and easy to use.

Enhanced Features in this version:
  • An installer to install the software automatically.
  • Greg's DOS shell which is an enhancement to the default DOS shell.
  • Desktop shortcut and Start menu shortcut to easily launch the application (instead of going to Run -> Launch command line(cmd) -> changing directory(cd )).
Click the button to download (Size approximately 370KB)
If you have problem downloading the file, CLICK HERE for alternate download.

Instructions to install:
  1. Download the file
  2. Extract/ Unzip the downloaded file using any archiving tool like Winzip/Winrar/Peazip etc.
  3. Click on the file install.exe
NOTE: It is working well on Windows XP SP3. Virus Free (Scanned with multiple antivirus before hosting).

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


  1. Lol... Itz not workin. Instead post some evaluable MASM software, with low size & minimized options......

  2. Dear Vidhya Sagar Reddy, It is working for all my friends who have downloaded. I did not receive any complaint yet. Once try again by using the below instructions.

    To compile (assuming there is a assembler file with name test.asm in c:\masm\), use the following commands:

    "c:\masm\masm.exe test.asm"
    "c:\masm\link.exe test.obj"

    Now, to run the program, use:
    "c:\masm\debug.exe test.exe"

    then type:
    to view the output.

    Note: Do not type the quotes (") in commands.

    1. can u please reply for this ....when we run this cmd i am getting only the program terminated normally put i am not able to see the me out to solve this ..

  3. More than 450 downloads of this software have been registered till now on this blog. Most of them mailed me saying that it is working well. Thank you for your appreciation.

    However, If you are not comfortable with this version or with the improvements I have made to Masm 6, you can directly download the latest version of MASM from Microsoft's website for free:

  4. Awesome! it is working well and it is too good. I liked the desktop shortcut which reduces the pain of going to command line and change the directory. Deek Rocks!

    But one instruction must be included in this post: This software installs successfully only with ADMINISTRATOR privileges. Please include it in the post Deekshith.

    Thank you for your efforts.

  5. it is good...useful. i gave it to all my friends...thanks.
    -Harish Rao (KITS)

  6. So nice.. How did you program it? reply pls.

  7. @Anonymous Thank you for your complement friend. Yes, I programmed it myself (MASM was programmed by Microsoft. I only programmed the installer.). Please report if you find anything wrong with the program so that I can rectify it. Also mention your operating system if you are reporting any errors/bugs.

    Thank you.

  8. in msam software malware is present

  9. @karthik09No, it is not malware. It is a false positive by few antiviruses like avast. If you have doubt, check it by scanning with or any other multi antivirus scanner.

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