Sunday, December 5, 2010

Best ways to get information about upcoming Technical Fests in India

The first step of your preparation to participate in a technical fest is to know where and when it is happening in advance. Here, are a few ways to get updates about upcoming Technical fests or symposiums.

1. Through SMS channels:
This is the best way of getting updates because, it is quick, easy and free. SMS channels are good for getting primary information about technical fests. But it is only good if we have good sms channels. There are many sms channels, but most of them send unnecessary messages and advertisements than the required information. And even in the required messages, they give only partial information and ask us to visit their website for complete details. Fortunately, I found an SMS channel (Technical_Fests) which is a relatively new channel maintained by a student organization called "Empower India". They send updates quickly with necessary details. They do not send any advertisements or any other unnecessary messages. Moreover, it is free.

To subscribe to that channel, sms as:  Technical_Fests and send it to 9870807070.

Or, you can also subscribe to SMS channel to it from here.

2. Through Internet:
This is a relatively slow and time consuming way of getting updates compared to sms channels. There are many websites which publish Technical fest updates. Some of them are listed here:


  1. Yes, I have now subscribed to Technical_Fests sms channel after reading this article. It is really helpful for me. Thanks for this article.

    needs to be removed from the websites listed above as they does not get updated frequently. By the time they put on their site, fest will be completed. The sms channel given above is good. But i do not understand why it has very less subscribers. You may also like my website