Monday, June 18, 2012

Install Dropbox Before This Month Ends

Dropbox, the most popular file syncing and sharing service is about to put an end to Public Folders shortly.

Dropbox has confirmed that it will no longer create public folders for new Dropbox installations from July 31st onwards. However, if you already have a public folder it will continue to work.

I am an avid user of Dropbox's public folder. It provides an easy way to share files with everyone just by getting the public link. Although it now provides Get Link to get a sharable link, it is not a good replacement for public folder as the links through Get Link are random in nature. I have many services and scripts that make use of public folder and cannot be replaced by Get Link.

Copying Public Link from Dropbox's Public Folder to Clipboard

Public folder is a great utility to share files with others. If you want to get public folder in dropbox, install it before July 31st. Although Dropbox initially comes with about 2GB free space initially, it provides many offers with time by which you can increase your free space. I presently have 9.5GB of free space on Dropbox. I got it within a month of installing it. Dropbox is an indispensable tool for file sharing and syncing as it is available for most platforms including Linux, Windows, Android, Mac and more.

So, Install Dropbox before july 31st to get public folder.

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