Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sample Final Year Projects for Electronics And Communications Engineering

Here is a short list of sample FYPs which may help you to get an idea of what kind of projects are done usually [Relevant to ECE students].

 I have done a few  projects which you can do as your major project (FYP). Here are the links and the description of some of those projects:
[I have designed all the below circuits. I have also made the documentation and the kit for these. You can contact me if you are interested in these circuits]

 [Few project names are given without description. I will update the description soon. Contact me if you want to get the description immediately]

Other circuits may be you are interested in.

Title / Area
Personalized Area Human Positioning System
GSM Based Digital Notice Board with Voting System
Gesture Controlled Wirless Spy Robo with Video Capture
Automated Line Following Robot
Vehiclce tracking system using GPS and GSM
Design and Implementation of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Accedd Modem for Wirelss Audio / Video of FPGA
Self powered Speech recognition Controlled wireless Pick and Place Robot
Construction of Central Control Unit for Irrigation Water pumps
Zigbee Based Street Light Automation System
Design of a Monopole Slot Antenna
Operating a door using a secret code on an invisible device
Automatic Street light intensity conteol based on Vehicle movement on highways
Design of a Microstrip Antenna for Microwave Communication
Computer cursor movement based on movement of hand in the air or hand Gesture
Adaptive Hands-free Design Technique for Mobile Communiation System
Embedded Web Server for Wireless senser network
Dash Board Design using CAN Bus (Speed, Temperature & Fuel)
Reed-Solomon Encoder & Decoder Design, Simulation and Systhesis
Design and Development of Obstacle sensoing and Object Guiding Robot
Access Check for Smart Money Carry
Accelerometer controlled Wireless hovercraft
Prototype for Coded Security Entry System
Propeller LED Display
Title / Area
Inverstigative Robot
FPGA Implementation of Secured encoder and decoder for Arithemetic Coding
Alcoholic and Drowsy Driving Detector
Remote I/O Data Acquisition System Based on Embedded ARM Platform with RTOS
Full 3D Compact Histogram Segmentation of Colour Images
Automated Temperature Controller for Thermal Exchanger using Microcontroller
Driving Guidance System Based on Wireless Sensor Network
Wireless Sensor Network for Automobiles using CAN Protocol
Zigbee Wireless Communication Based Automatic Power Meter using ARM Controller
Design and Development of Real Time Multitasking Microkernel for ARM7 TDMI
Design and Simulation of CDMA using HDL
Title / Area
Touch screen and Zigbee based wireless commnication assistant for Dumb / Illiterates in Airlines
Audio Navigation System
War Field Robot
Zigbee Based Wireless Attendance System
Novel VLSI Architecture for WALSE-HADAMARD Transform
Virtual Mouse
Robot Direction Control with MEMS
GSM and RF based fire and Intruder Detection System in Highly Secured Areas
Design and Development of Microstrip Patch Antenna
PC Controlled Temperature and Obstacle Sensing Robot
Knowledge Evolution Based Intelligent Machine Tools based on M2M
Real Time Implementation of the Electrical Ethernet Monitoring System Based on Low power Embedded Web Server

Contact me if you want to get the schematics, codes and full descriptions of these projects.


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  8. I saw your Mobile Detector Circuit on YouTube and like others, the mounting board you used is not good enough to respond beyond a few MHz. So I think the circuit is really sensitive to variations from the supply current and is not detecting GHz, or hundreds of MHz signals. Thank you.