Sunday, January 23, 2011

Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) x86 Download

Download MASM software Version6 (used in MPI Lab).

To be frank, I do not like to put this software in my blog because a newer version of this software is available for free from Microsoft itself.
But for some unknown reasons(possibly ignorance), my college is accustomed to use only this version in the lab. People are using older versions of the software, that too "pirated" when the newer version is available for FREE! How funny!! (I am not making fun of my college or of any any person, I only mean that the situation is funny).

Click the button below to download the version used in our LAB. (Recommended)
or else,
Click here for the new version (NOTE: It may not work the same as that in our lab).

  1. After downloading the file "", unpack or extract the masm folder contained in it.
  2. Copy the extracted folder to C drive (C:\MASM) [or anywhere else]
  3. Now your software is ready to use. Use command prompt to use it.
NOTE:  This software(masm x86 version6) works well on Microsoft XP. However, I hope you can run this from LINUX too by using WINE.

I have also made masm with easy to install and use suit. Please check it out.

If you have any problem downloadig or using this software, please leave your comment below.


  1. is this software work on windows 7?

  2. I,am getting an error as
    unable to open object file
    how to rectify this?

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