Sunday, July 17, 2011

JNTU ECE 4-1 R07 Syllabus Updated

Dear friends, I came to know that there are a few changes in the syllabus like, Radar Systems Engineering is replaced by Optical Communications.

Here is the updated syllabus copy of JNTU ECE 4-1 R07 syllabus.

Download it by clicking any of the below links:
Download Link 1
Download Link 2
Download Link 3


  1. @Rajsekhar Optical communications is not an elective. We cannot elect it as far as I know.

    We can only elect one of:
    ->Elective 1: Microcontrollers and applications, Television engineering and operating systems.

    and the other elective from:
    ->Elective 2: Database management systems, satellite communications and Digital image processing.

    remaining all subjects are compulsory.